We have been supplying the Space Level Military, Commercial and General Aviation Community with quality parts for the pasts 17 years. We specialize in the hard to find, obsolete and allocated parts for many helicopters, Defense and Space Applications.  Our products go through strict evaluation to make sure they are up  to the standard of the Aviation Community. Most parts come with 60 day warranties to ensure you receive quality product. Complete with 8130 Certifications and EASA Standards

We have an extensive inventory ranging from helicopter to aircraft parts. Some of the craft we support range from Bell, Eurocopter, Robinson, MD, Boeing, Cessna, Piper and others. Most of our parts come with certification full traceability and warranties. IF we do not have the part available we can find it through our extensive supply chain and connections within the industry worldwide.

We work with both manufacturers and suppliers all over the world and can get the parts to you in a timely professional reliable manner.  We are very friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to helping you maintain your aircraft. You can Rely of us for your AOG situation to get your aircraft up in running with a quick turnaround time. We can have a quote back to you within 24 hours of the rfq submission. 

Please feel free to use the website for any parts you might be looking for or contact our professional staff for personal attention with your aviation needs.


NDI - a global provider of helicopter parts, spares, & accessories.

Product Line Specialties
Sikorsky, Bell, Eurocopter


Millitary Parts:


MS 17344-MS2108 MS27466-MS27515 MS91528 MIL-C-27599

MS31 00-MS3108 M39012 M81511 MIL-C-38999
MS3400-MS3456 M39024 MIL-C-5015
M 24308 MS25043 MIL-C-50156 MIL-C-39029
MS311 0-MS3128 MS3129-MS3187 MIL-C-24308 MIL-C-83723
MS3470-MS3476 MS39029-M83513 MIL-C-26482/1 MIL-C-55302
MS24264-MS24266 M83723/01-98 MIL-C-26482/2
MS20026-MS27478 MS90335-MS90387 MIL-C-26500


MIL-C-83439 M15733


MIL-C-15305E MS75083-MS75089


MIL-STD-883B JM38510/
MIL-STD-883C MIL-1-38535 5962 (DESC)


M6106 M39016 M27400 M5757
M28776 M27743 M27401 M83556