Excess Stock Solution.

Excess stock/inventory can be a big problem and a fundamental issue for large OEM's and can easily be overlooked by the urgent need to locate and purchase additional stock to keep your company production lines running smoothly. And for any company occupying valuable warehouse space, redundant stock is unnecessary and can also be very costly for any company.

New Dimensions International, Inc. is able to provide you with a customized solution regarding your excess inventory. A solution that enables the manufacturers to convert their surplus into cash.

As a leading partner in the Electronic Industry, NDI Inc. has the capacity to quote and buy your excess and make arrangements for shipping anywhere in the world within 48 hours.
Our commodity specialists are ready and able to help you place the correct value on your inventory for sales, consignment or even hold on to your stock until an order has been placed. This is a great feature if you have the space, and are not in a hurry to get rid of your inventory.

We utilize our worldwide database to broadcast your excess inventory to get you the highest return possible.

Please send NDI, Inc. your list of excess product with the manufacturer part number (original only), quantity, date code and also the condition of the parts, and we will handle the rest.

Please keep in mind that we are highly committed to quality inspections prior to shipping any of your products.

Excess stock
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